Mar 10, 2022

Bridging the Gap


elcome to the new age of shopping experience! The winds of change have altered the way the world shops! The dynamics of shopping and overall consumer behavior has undergone a significant shift over the past few years, more so in the last couple of months. And today, the smart-device is the new shopping mall!

The Covid-19 situation has compelled the market to adapt to the "new normal", and today, more and more businesses are moving their shops online. And needless to say, shoppers are also excitedly and increasingly shifting to online shopping en masse. Despite this major shift to online shopping, it would be important to note that the apprehension about the security of financial data has very often been a deal-breaker. Most e-commerce managers will agree that this has also been one of the major reasons for the unhealthy proportion of abandoned carts vis-a-vis customer footfall on the site. In such a situation, a major focus of the merchant needs to be diverted towards creating an environment of reliability and trust, where customers are reassured of data confidentiality and data security. Various payment gateways and payment aggregators have long since tried to bridge this gap, however, the fear of transmitting one's financial information to a third party, who will, in turn, pass this information over to the merchant, is something that has been a hurdle of sorts.

This is where Ottu steps into the fray! As an online payment enabler, Ottu plays an integral role of making online payments hassle-free and facilitates payments directly. The keyword here is "DIRECT"! Ottu is a flexible, stable, next-generation cloud-based payment technology, designed by Fintech experts to evolve with the business world's ever-shifting need for risk compliance, security, scalability and control. Unlike a payment aggregator, Ottu acts as an invisible entity that facilitates the payment to go directly from the customer to the merchant, without retaining the monetary amount or the sensitive card information even momentarily. So with Ottu, in an online financial transaction, when a customer makes a payment, the amount will be channelized directly into the merchant's bank account.

White labelling ensures that the merchant brand identity is maintained seamlessly and end-customers are extended the reassurance of seeing their payment going directly to the merchant, not via any payment aggregator in between. With Ottu as your payment partner, we empower you as a merchant to get your own payment gateway from the bank. It gives you comprehensive control via the admin interface, enabling you to manage your payment gateways, users, channels, and reporting. Ottu gives prime importance to data security with features to protect data tampering and is risk compliant with a direct-to-bank settlement. Moreover, Ottu's customized reporting eases there conciliation process, reducing the hassle of extensive manual activity to obtain reports from different payment gateway interfaces, and improves the overall efficiency in a big way.

Versatility and adaptability are big strengths of Ottu. As technology advances, Ottu provides flexibility to the merchant to adapt, integrate, and upgrade. With any enhancements or technical upgrades to payment gateways, Ottu easily enables the merchant to accommodate such changes in seamless fashion Ottu has revolutionized the way merchants manage their online payment gateways receive payments, and has set a benchmark in the area of online payment facilitation. Businesses today can be rest assured of a quick, seamless, and smooth payment process. With the elimination of the middleman, and with the perpetuation of trust, security, and confidentiality, it makes the end-customer experience all the more satisfying and empowers merchant to own their payments.

Choose Ottu! Be Direct! Level Up!

Written by Talal AlAwadhi

CEO, Ottu