Dec 10, 2021

Here’s What You Must Know About Tokenization


okenization is a payment integration process in which the value of a card is replaced with a digital token. Tokenization is a popular solution for the payments industry, where the rise of new payment methods has created a need for quick fraud protection. Tokenization eliminates the risk of loss or theft of customer data and helps prevent cross-channel fraud.

Tokenization is a great way to make payments easier for small and midsize businesses. It is a secure method of storing sensitive data and can help increase customer confidence. Tokens can be retrieved at a later date and reused for future transactions. This is particularly useful for a business with multiple locations and needs. Tokenization has many advantages. It is cost-effective and scalable and can be used in a variety of environments. It can be used for recurring payments and subscription billing. It can be implemented for one-click checkout on eCommerce sites. Its buzziest application is in NFC mobile wallets. Tokenization can be used in a variety of industries, including payments, financial services, and government.

Tokenization: A Bliss for PCI

It helps reduce PCI (Payment Card Industry) scope by minimizing the need for sensitive data to be stored locally. Tokenization reduces PCI compliance costs, as it minimizes the scope of payment-card data. The benefits of tokenization for the consumer are obvious. By reducing fraud and ensuring the security of a customer's credit card information, reduces the cost of doing business and increases convenience for both parties. Tokenization also allows for recurring payment plans. You can propose to your customers a choice of payment frequencies and ensure that no one can impersonate your customer. It also increases customer loyalty because it lowers the costs of doing business.

Tokenization has many benefits, including simplified integration code. It also allows you to use tokens from multiple payment gateways. The tokens provided by a third-party provider can be used on any supported gateway. They cannot be used against alternative payment gateways. To be sure that you get the best possible result from tokenization, it's important to find a partner that's agnostic to payment gateways and card brands. Ensure that your tokenization provider is flexible and can integrate different services into a single platform.

Written by Dhrubajyoti Baruah

Consultant, Payment Solutions, Ottu