Nov 15, 2021

Onsite Checkout and Its Benefits


nsite checkout is also referred to as single-page checkout, which simply implies that the user never leaves your site. The user enters their payment information on your website while being on the checkout screen and successfully establish a flawless transaction.

How Onsite Checkout Works?

Onsite checkout is a type of online payment where a customer submits payment information on their own domain. The checkout process is similar to what you would find on your website, but it is managed by a payment processor or gateway. To accept online payments, your site needs an SSL certificate, which encrypts data. SSL certificates are inexpensive and can get purchased from your hosting company or a third-party seller. The security of onsite checkout depends on your site's security and the quality of your SSL certificate. To avoid a lapse in security, it's best to have an SSL certificate for your website.

An onsite checkout is a checkout hosted at your domain, which means the customer never leaves your website from product selection through payment. It involves the payment processing processor. Your checkout page must have an SSL certificate to protect incoming payment information. The benefit of onsite checkout is that it makes the whole transaction process more seamless and secure. It's important to note that hosting the checkout on your own site requires more configuration than offsite checkout.

An onsite checkout solution requires a secure website. Your customers will be redirected from your site to an external payment page hosted by Stripe. After the payment has been approved, your customers will be directed back to your site. Your custom-built checkout page can then display a payment confirmation, allowing you to receive credit card payments with a single click.

Benefits of Onsite Checkout

Using an onsite checkout also provides many other advantages for your business.

Customized Payment Process

One of the biggest advantages of onsite checkout is that it allows you to customize the checkout process by asking unique questions. This alternative requires a little bit more setup work but is still well worth it for its numerous benefits. Onsite checkout is simple to use and can help your company save a considerable amount of labor. It is an excellent choice for small businesses because you don't need to set up an entire eCommerce store to make it work. It avails you with a lot more control over the design of your checkout page. You can choose to include more or fewer fields, which will increase customer satisfaction. Second, you can capture additional customer information, such as their email addresses or billing information.

Ease of Implementation

With this method, a customer doesn't have to leave their computer to complete the transaction. This method can be integrated with your website in no time and is more convenient for new businesses. However, if you already own an established business, you should consider onsite checkout if you haven't yet implemented it. If you want to create a seamless customer experience, you should use hosted checkout. Large brands should use onsite checkout.

Seamless Customer Experience

The most important thing to remember about onsite checkout is that it makes the customer's experience more seamless. Since the customer never leaves your website, onsite checkout is fast and convenient for your customers. It creates a seamless transaction by allowing the customer to enter their credit card number and billing address on the site. You'll need to use a third-party payment service provider to avoid having to deal with the hassle of managing the payments on your own.

Written by Khurram Siddique

Key Accounts Manager, Payment Solutions, Ottu