Sep 14, 2022

Ottu Gateway: The First OPMS in the World


nline shopping arises as a need in the modern age of globalization. It sets challenges for the merchants and consumers as well by relying on the third-party payment which might risk the bank account and impose charges for payment transference. Hence, our team brings the magic solutions for all the problems by Ottu Gateway depending on OPMS (Online Payment Management System) which is restricted to Ottu. Thus, the payment becomes direct and secure.

With Ottu, no third party is needed. Payment can be done directly and automatically with zero charges through your own gateway. Ottu saves time, efforts and money. Yet, security and reliability are the two main features that distinguish it.

Covering 9 countries in the world which are GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries), India, Egypt and Iraq. Ottu simply integrates all the gateways in the country and region with updates from the banks and provides a UNIFIED API by adopting OPMS. Companies which depend on CRMs and ERPs systems and know well the facilities of these systems can best assess how OPMS would facilitate all the financial issues by best managing the payment process. OPMS can manage these local issues easily, directly and quickly in the country. A team with the latest APIs experience will handle all the local issues.

Ottu not only promotes business, but also gives multiple options of customized payment, bulk payment and process branded invoice. It offers plugins for platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Open Card. Even if the merchant does not have a business website; it has  an e-commerce catalog, allowing him/ her to conduct the needed procedures with loyalty. You can use the customized link directly to collect payments from customers into your own bank account. Along with this, Ottu provides the white label that maintains the brand on the invoice to keep the brand identity safe.

Moreover, Ottu can manage money transfer easily when you have more than one bank account in two or three countries. If the merchant roams in two or three countries such as Kuwait and Qatar and wants to integrate bank details in a third country like Iraq to be able to get the payments, this can be done easily in less than 5 minutes with Ottu gateway.

In selecting Ottu, you save time and efforts and push your business forward. It makes online shopping direct and easily-conducted. A team of great experts with the most developed technological solutions are working to handle the problems that you face in integrating bank accounts and get your payments. With Ottu you cast your fears away by using this modern, flexible, reliable, secure and seamless payment gateway.

Ottu promotes your business, gives complete security for your data and accounts, and fully masters your financial issues. Your time is valued and your finances are safe. Control your finances with the most secure gateway and be always pleased.

You only have to take the initiative and launch Ottu gateway.

Written by : Dacian Popute

Director of Product Engineering