Feb 1, 2022

Ottu: Our Why & Wherefore


treamlining your payments and hassle to let your business flourish in the ever-competitive era.

An exclusive payment-tech platform, Ottu aims to empower the merchants to not only maintain their financial transactions but also enable them with the accumulation of payments directly to their bank accounts. Ottu performs digital billing, selling, and getting paid in an efficient, smooth, and secure way. We enable merchants to create payment links, schedule one-off or recurring payments, convey payment reminders to various users over numerous channels, withdrawal of payment requests, administer transactions as well regulate payment gateways, and produce reconciliation reports. All of the above functions are carried out from a mere sole dashboard.

Ottu, Its Good Old Days & Its Evolution

Reminiscing the cherishing times when we used to work on new ideas and possibilities in the innovation lab of KUWAITNET. One fine day, we came up with a concept of a payment solution that will help merchants in receiving their payments directly to their bank accounts. We named this conception Ottu. At that time, Ottu was only a brainchild of some creative minds from KUWAITNET’s innovation lab. To give this concept wings, we started working on this concept incessantly. Picking up the threads of time in continuation while brainstorming on flourishing Ottu as an individual entity, we have been able to let it stand out alongside KUWAITNET, serving countless customers with payment-related extensive solutions.

Commenced in the innovation laboratory of KUWAITNET, Ottu has now become an independent and emergent corporation that aids with financial issues. This next-generation technology believes that one should be able to perform business and involve the customers from everywhere and anywhere. Hence, we have created a technology facilitating businesses to administer their finances in a digital, secure, and smooth manner.

Ottu’s Mission, Our Users’ Success!!

Evolving with a mission to revolutionize businesses and their ecosystems with seamless digital solutions, Ottu works to bring its users to all-new heights. Marching ahead with the course of time, our experienced and young team keeps on researching the needs of the market to serve our users with avant-garde payment and business solutions. Our intention is to automate and streamline the payment performance of our customers so that they can run their businesses without worrying about the necessary financial and business aspects.

That’s How Ottu Work!

Ottu sincerely believes in ‘Direct Transfer into Your Account’ and with the motto of ‘Your Payment, Your Rules,’ i.e., merchants are able to own their transactions, irrespective of the mode of the payment they utilize. Their impeccable smart technology provides you with an incredible set of financial services involving several payment methods along with their transfers into your bank account, and no stops in betwixt the same, i.e., directly.

Ahead-of-Time Features with which Ottu Serves the Market

Below listed are a few of the most prominent and enormously advantageous features of Ottu other than its finest facilitation, direct payment transfer:

  • White Label Solutions  

White label solutions provide uncountable benefits if your objective is to include new, smart, and essential features into your business. These are entirely integrated and ready-made, which makes branding extremely simple and natural. Generation of solutions from scratch conquers your human and financial resources while white label solutions extended by Ottu keep in mind your precious money and time along with your customers too, making them happy, and if your clients are satisfied, then they will provide you with a motive to be happy.

  • Smart, Safe, and Secure Solutions

Online transactions are far more vulnerable when compared to physical transactions; however, with Ottu, we provide robust encryption to the customer’s data, making sure that it tends to stay safe all through the transactions. In order to ensure that the transactions all through Ottu are resilient and excellently safe, we never hinder the transactions of the merchants. Along with offering a precise medium to allow the merchants’ money to reach them, we do not include ourselves more, retaining their money, their authority, and enabling security as never before.

  • Control Over Money Transactions

So as to regulate, manage, and control the payments, each and every need a comprehensive assurance about and is extremely necessary. Ottu enables you in the generation of tailored payments links for customers that you are able to share by means of several channels and can also be supervised on a real-time basis. You are also given the alternative of sending payments links to a list of customers that are recurrent and trackable.

  • Subscription-Based, Cost-Effective Services

Ottu is renowned for being cost-effective when compared to the competitors around. Ottu comprehends the transactional needs and provides subscription-based facilities. Owing to this, the payment solutions extended by Ottu are of a stable price which is charged as per the subscription package selected by you. In that way, even after the expansion of your business and transactions, the amount demanded by Ottu rests the same except when you wish to go for a higher and better subscription plan. Ottu saves a substantial amount and helps you to develop in a hassle-free manner.

  • Encrypted, Dedicated Servers

Determined and committed servers tend to provide more stability and dependability than shared hosting. It makes sure that you aren’t sharing your private or important space with any unknown software, which can be a potential fraud. Ottu provides dedicated servers leading to enhanced security, which is the reason it is so vital for corporations, and they claim for the same.

  • Controlled Refund at the End

Ottu when looking after all your payment-related requirements, apprehends that along with enabling transactions, refunds must also get administered effortlessly and safely. That is the reason it allows the merchants to regulate their refunds, returning the money into their account with maximum security. The merchants shall concentrate on developing without worrying about consistent transactions and refunds.

What’s Our USP?

Our exceptionality and exclusivity rest with the fact that we charge according to the subscription and not by the commissions. We have built this platform to keep the Middle East users in view. Ottu, the brainchild of the area's eminent payments experts, and their subscribers encompass a few chief banks and companies. Via Ottu’s payment solutions, a merchant is secured from technology-end as well as financial attributes.

Written by Khurram Siddique

Key Accounts Manager, Payment Solutions, Ottu