Jan 18, 2022

Payment Gateways in Kuwait – Enabling Payments at Fingertips


echnology is the one attribute that drives each and every sector of the market and makes it utmost efficient and convenient for the king, i.e., customers. The banking sector, the most crucial one all over the world, is technologically sound and also welcomes innovations with each rising day. A payment gateway is a remarkable technology utilized by merchants to accept credit or debit card buys from customers. It not only encompasses the physical card reading equipment located in brick & mortar retail stores but even in the payment processing portals of digital stores. Though, in recent years the brick & mortar payment gateways have commenced acknowledging and accepting phone-based payments with the help of QR codes or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Payment gateways are the customer-facing interfaces utilized for the collection of payment information. When it comes to physical stores, payment gateways entail the point of sale (POS) terminals which are used to accept the information of credit cards or through the smartphone. In digital stores, ‘checkout’ is the payment gateways, the portals used to fill in the information or credentials services related to the credit card. Payment gateways are quite different from payment processors, which utilize customer information so as to collect payments in place of the merchant. There are even payment gateways to enable payment in cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin.

Owing to the booming E-Commerce industry in Kuwait, payment gateways are also becoming prevalent in Kuwait. Several banks offer the services of payment gateways, such as the National Bank of Kuwait, KNET, Kuwait Finance House, and many more.

1. National Bank of Kuwait

The largest bank of Kuwait, the National Bank of Kuwait, offers E-payments on the NBK mobile Banking, where you can utilize a wide range of upgraded and effective services. They facilitate you to make significant and hassle-free services anywhere and anytime. With the utter convenience offered by them, you can make secure payments for various categories such as education, entertainment, telecom, and many more.

In order to access it, all that has to be done is log in to the Mobile of National Bank of Kuwait, go to e-payment, pick the category you want to make the payment in and then select the corporation you want to make payment in.


An award-winning payment gateway offered by KNET is without any doubt, facilitates the best electronic commerce transactions by linking the government, private, users, and bank together. With an aim to serve the economy by offering a payment gateway that enriches the utilization of bank cards for the purpose of payment rather than physical money.

The gateway enables government and private corporations to accumulate funds for their products and services from the internet by several means such as Computers, Smartphones, Tablets. KNET employs the latest information and technology on the gateway, ensuring absolute safety and with a view to protecting all the users against malpractices of hackers.

3. Kuwait Finance House

A proficient and fast-payment method that effortlessly meets all the business demands of merchants, retailers, and entrepreneurs. Anyone can make payments and can process the e-commerce transaction and trade in their goods and services online.

The payment gateway service offered by The Kuwait Finance House is easy-to-integrate along with high-security standards, which are amazingly aligned with the latest market requirements. Now make easy, convenient, and time-saving payments and generate faster income.

Written by Farooq J. Khalil

Account Manager, Ottu