May 15, 2024

Understanding the Reasons Behind Cart Abandonment: Why 68% of Users Leave Their Carts Behind


he digital world of e-commerce makes shopping more accessible and convenient, but one persistent problem continues, cart abandonment. Unfortunately, the current card abandonment rate is stubbornly at 70.19% despite advances in technology and user experience. Whether it is unexpected costs, a complicated checkout process, absence of preferred payment gateway, or security concerns, the reasons could be multiple. But there is hope when Ottu's thorough investigation provides answers and strategies to address this urgent problem.

At Ottu, we understand the multiple obstacles riddled within the journey from browsing to purchase. These obstacles often result in cart abandonment emerging as a significant challenge for E-commerce businesses striving to maximize their online revenue. Through this detailed blog, Ottu will uncover the mysteries behind the concept of cart abandonment and will suggest actionable strategies to mitigate this phenomenon.

Bar chart showing the reasons for cart abandonment during checkout based on a survey of 1,012 US adults in 2024. The top reasons include extra costs being too high (48%), the site requiring account creation (26%), lack of trust with credit card information (25%), slow delivery (23%), and complicated checkout processes (22%). Other reasons include not being able to see total order costs upfront (21%), unsatisfactory return policies (18%), website errors or crashes (17%), insufficient payment methods (13%), and declined credit cards (9%).
Top reasons for cart abandonment during checkout


Understanding Cart Abandonment by Ottu

Cart abandonment is a phenomenon in the e-commerce landscape, which serves as a window into the psyche of online shoppers. This occurs when users depart a website without completing the purchase of the products in their cart. It is a major obstacle to optimizing revenue. This is comparable to the situation that occurs in traditional retail settings, where shoppers leave products at the register without making the entire transaction.

While some abandonments are inherent to users' browsing nature, a significant portion stems from avoidable issues within the checkout process. According to recent 2024 studies, 42.5% of US online shoppers abandoned carts due to mere browsing, 22% due to complicated checkout progress, leaving a substantial 35.5% attributable to other factors.

Reasons Behind Cart Abandonment

Ottu explored the primary factors that lead customers to abandon their cart, and as a result, gained insights into solutions that can help e-commerce businesses improve their online shopping experience.

Surprising Charges Upon Checkout

  • What is it: When extra costs, such as taxes or shipping fees, are disclosed only at the very end of the purchasing process, they frequently discourage customers from making a purchase.
  • How Can It Be Prevented: Ottu highlights how crucial it is for companies to disclose all possible costs to customers up front from the very beginning of their purchasing experience. Early on, by giving clients a clear estimation tool, you can help them predict the entire cost, which builds trust and lowers the chance of abandonment.

Complicated Checkout Process

  • What is it: A lengthy or confusing checkout process can frustrate customers, leading to abandonment. As per the study by Baymard, almost $260 billion worth of sales was lost in the US and EU because of poor checkout flow & design.
  • How to Prevent: Ottu advises simplifying the checkout process and optimizing page layouts to streamline the user experience, potentially opting for a one-page checkout and minimizing required information. An average-sized business can see up to 35.26% increase in conversion rate through better checkout design.

Limited Payment Options

  • What is it: Offering a limited range of payment methods may alienate customers with diverse preferences.
  • How to Prevent: Ottu, being a renowned Online Payment Management System, advocates for providing a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, as well as alternatives like bank transfers, digital wallets, and even buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions where appropriate.

The list does not end here. The reasons behind cart abandonment are many, and may vary depending on several factors. Read more about top reasons for cart abandonment, and what it could mean for your business here:

Unlock Seamless Checkout Experiences with Ottu

Ottu is the perfect solution to optimize and speed the checkout process, offering a more comprehensive range of payment options to contribute to the varying preferences of online shoppers.

Ottu's powerful plug-ins and interfaces make it easy to integrate with e-commerce platforms, hence simplifying checkout processes. Retailers may easily customize Ottu's user-friendly interface and customizable features to match user preferences and minimize friction while optimizing conversion rates. Furthermore, Ottu's wide range of payment choices guarantees that clients can select their favorite mode of payment, be it credit card, American Express, Apple Pay, local payment options, or other payment methods. E-commerce platforms may overcome the constraints of conventional checkout procedures by utilizing Ottu's extensive toolkit and integrations, creating a seamless shopping experience that pleases customers and promotes long-term growth.

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